17 Things Other than Sex that will make you Feel the Orgasmic Feels – Try them, they are MAGICAL!!

Obviously Sex can drive you crazy but forget about Sex because we know few tricks that can help you feel the orgasmic feel. Yes, you heard it right!

No problem if you do not want to have sex, there are certain other things that can drive your body and mind crazy, and they all are proven.

Following are the 14 things that will actually help you feel the orgasmic feels,

1- Wingling Pinky Finger in ear! (try it)

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2- Popping some bubble Wraps

3- Taking a long hot shower in Winters

4- Getting to Pee after controlling yourself for hours

Do as I say, not as I do.

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5- A long stretch-yawn combo

6- Cracking knuckles with Perfection!

7- Taking off heels of shoes!


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8- Unhooking a Bra (Men or Women, does’nt matter)

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9- Sneezing perfectly!

10- Stroking someone’s shaved head for a while!

10- Playing with a long beard

Guys Night at the Office.

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11- Almost dropping the phone but wait, you saved it!

12- Realizing that its Sunday

13- Walking on Autumn leaves

14- Feeling lighter after Shit!

15- Taking off Socks

16- Hugging Someone

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