Only a few pictures of Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor have changed a lot for not only Ranbir and Mahira but also for their fans. But the pictures ain’t too simple so people had to talk about them.

Mawra Hocan breaks her Silence on the issue of Mahira & Ranbir – Heartbroken.

They were seen together smoking on the streets of New York. Mahira Khan was seen in a bold dress and this is what made all fans angry. This is because they did not expect all this from Mahira Khan in particular. Fans had only seen her in decent roles, and they respected her a lot but now many fans are really angry on her.

It’s true that it’s her life, and she can do whatever she wants to do but fans ain’t keeping calm. They feel Stars should spend life according to them and its not possible. Some people are having a laugh and some of them are bashing both the stars for these pictures.

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According to media, they were not shooting for anything rather they were spending some good time together and this might something more than friendship.

All this drama and both of them definitely needed some support from fellow artists. So, a few Bollywood and Lollywood stars showed their support for Ranbir and Mahira (Mahira, in particular).

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In a recent interview, Parineeti Chopra said, “I’ll just say one line. It’s a little unfair. Everybody knows it’s unfair and it’ll stop. Today, because of social media, everything becomes too big a deal”.

Varun Dhawan feels the same. He said, “Shame on them for shaming her”.

Katrina was in Pakistan Magar Kab aor Kyun?

And Ali Zafar being a senior and mature celebrity wrote a few lines in support of Mahira Khan,

Momina Mustehsan could not resist either,

And Osama Khalid Butt and Danish kept it Cool,

And the sister duo,

What are your views on all this?


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