The Top 15 most handsome Pakistani Men in the World – Guess who is at number 1?

First of all, Pakistani men are third sexiest in the world according to q survey conducted by a reputable company. This means that out of 200+ nation in the world, Pakistan men stand at number 3 and this is enough to prove that Pakistani men are no less than anybody in the world, right??

Top 10 Most Gorgeous Women Of Pak8stan

Pakistani men are only handsome, but they have managed to make their own mark internationally. Pakistani men are rising high in all fields of life. Be it music, film, television, cricket, business or any other field, Pakistani men are just way too GOOD!

Pakistani hot men

Today, we are going to reveal top 15 Hottest men of Pakistan. This list is based on our own research, and we do not represent any person or business. And you are also going to agree with us on this!

All these men have managed to make their own identity. The top 15 most handso Pakistani men, let’s have a look

15- Adnan Malik

#adnanmalik photographed by Rizwan ul Haq for glam magazine

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14- Osman Khalid Butt

Solo. #LSAAfterPartyofOne Photography: @raoalikhan

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13- Fahad Mustafa

12- Mikaal Zulfiqar


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11- Feroze Khan

He is married but … just look

Eyes on the prize. 💥 #FK @rashid_gill @jazibqamar

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10- Hasnain Lehri

Hasnain Lehri is the best male model of Pakistan right now. He just rules the modeling industry of Pakistan. Look,

#HasnainLehri @rizwan.haq ♠️♣️👁‍🗨

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9- Shehzad Noor

It's all about denim @stoneagejeansco #shahzadnoor

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Shehzad Noor is one of the best models of Pakistan. You just can not take your eyes off him,

8- Ahad Raza Mir

The latest crush! Ahad Raza Mir has made his name in the industry in no time. Just look at him,

7- Imran Abbas Naqvi

One of the best actors of Pakistan. Imran Abbas has also worked in a Bollywood movie alongside Bipasha Basu. Ain’t he hot?

6- Imran Khan

Mr. Khan is crush of thousands of women at this age too and no wonder why. He still carries that class and charm. Mr. Imran Kham guys,

5- Danyal Zafar

New Entry! Danyal Zafar rose to fame through Coke Studio Pakistan and since then, he is being discussed everywhere.

4- Shahid Afridi

The one and only Shahid Khan Afridi! This man needs no introduction.

3- Ali Zafar

This list is incomplete without this man. He is one of the hottest Asian men too. Look,

2- Zayn Malik

It's out now ! #ZAYNBOOK

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This British-Pakistani stands at number 2 of the list, is’nt he too GOOD?

1- Fawad khan

Well, you all knew, Fawad Khan is the hottest Pakistani men rather he has no match in whole Asia. We don’t say this but the whole world says this. Just look at him yaaar,


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