Top 10 Most Gorgeous Women of Pakistan – You Don’t even know about some of them…

The style, beauty and talent of Pakistani women – there’s no denying that no one can surpass them in any field. Their beauty, style, and confidence have taken the whole world by storm. And the reason is the booming global popularity of Pakistani television and music!

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Pakistani women have established their foothold on every ground and everyone is sitting up and taking notice. And why not, after all, they have a lot to offer.

But today, we will be talking about beauty of Pakistani women only so here is the list of top 10 most gorgeous women of Pakistan,

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1- Mahira Khan

Without any doubt, she is the most gorgeous lady of Pakistan. She is not only famous in Pakistan but in other countries too. Her recent film “Raees” alongside raised her to further fame and now she is unstoppable.

Living for gold moments✨ #verna

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2- Mawra Hocane

Almost all of us know about this beautiful girl somehow or the other. She has established herself in no time and guys, she is just too good.

3- Iman Ali

Oh! This list is incomplete without her. She is one of the most gorgeous ladies of Pakistan, and she looks damn good on screen. Look at this picture,

4- Aisha Khan

Aisha is one of the leading actresses of Pakistan. She has already impressed us all with her amazing serials. And how can we forget about her last film, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani! Look,

5- Urwa Hocane

Every producer wants to cast her in films and why not, she is one of the leading film actresses of Pakistan. She is wife of the amazing Farhan Saeed.

6- Momina Mustehsan

The crush of Pakistani nation. Her song Afreen Afreen from Coke Studio raised her to new heights of success and now she no more an ordinary girl. She is a multi-talented girl and her voice, OMG!

I like being a tourist 🙃 📸 @natashajahangir

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7- Madiha Imam

She is not famous like others but our list is about beauty so it would be unfair if we don’t add her name. She started her career as a VJ and now she is doing serials. And guys, she has also done a move in India and its called “Mom”. She is one of the most gorgeous women of Pakistan.

#tb #lastyear #goodtimes

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8- Hania Amir

The new girl in the town, Hania Amir is making waves after her first few performances. She may replace the one and only Momina Mustehsan sooner or later because she is just too beautiful guys.

Just a happy monkey- Lahore day 2 #HaniaAamir #haniahehe

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9- Ayeza Khan

She is one of the most underrated actresses of Pakistan but her beauty is enough for us to have her name on the list. She is married to the actor Fanish Taimoor. She is too beautiful, what you say?

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10- Mehwish Hayat

Mehwish is not a new name for most of us. She is one of the biggest stars of Pakistan and her films are just WOW like herself.

What do you guys think about the list?


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