People have more easy access to the internet now a day than ever before. As we know everything has positive as well as negative effects, So Social media has too. Misuse of any technology is harmful. Studies show that people lie between the age of 12-21 are more likely to use the social media than any other. Being a young one I know that the social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp etc are used to keep up with the latest trends.

Positive effects of Social Media

Social media has positive effects as well on the generation of young people like:

  • Teachers and professors can more easily communicate with students through it.
  • Students use social sites to discuss their educational problems and assignments as well. So these social sites help a lot in study related issues as there are so many educational groups from where students can get information and discuss their problems.
  • Students have easy access to the online resources that help to learn.
  • Information and awareness spread faster through social media than any other media.
  • It also helps to stay in touch with the friends and family you don’t see regularly.
  • People make new friends and it gives them a social benefit as they experience different types of people world-wide.

Negative effects of Social Media

Social media is also creating new ways towards negativity.

  • People portray themselves as one they are not.
  • Social media is becoming a first priority rather than the things that should come first like studies, career etc.
  • Bullying on social media is one of its very bad side like because of the bullying on social media many young people took their lives and it also causes emotional trauma. We can see the case of Felix Alexander in 2016 who took his own life because of social media bullying and much more.
  • Security attacks like hacking, viruses, identity theft, and exposure to phishing scams are common through social media. Texting sexual content is also a big problem that is effecting youth.
  • One researcher suggests that more use of social media might be correlated to lower self-control, which marketing experts believe could lead to higher spending.
  • Moreover, food porn photos compel viewers to overeat. One study suggests that watching food images even after having meal can trigger hunger
  • Criminals also use social media to commit crimes. They can get your complete information through social media like where are you, what are you doing etc.
  • The unlimited use of social media is very dangerous for health, it can cause brain disorders like poor social skills, addictive behaviors and other emotional distress like anxiety, depression, loneliness.

Social media has not only become the part of young people’s lives but it has become a thing their lives revolve around. We see people checking their smartphones every two minutes looking for the status updates and latest tweets. Sometimes we share too much with too many, we should be very careful.


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