We still have the OST of Man Mayal and songs from Bol in our playlists. Isn’t it?
This is the charm of the beautiful voice of Shuja Haider. A talented singer, songwriter, and musician. His dynamic entry into coke studio season 9 and 10 also left an impressive mark. But this around, he has something enormous, innovative and ground-breaking.
As the news suggests about his passion project, Shuja Haider posted on Facebook with these words,
“My next dream Project! “SoundScape” coming very soon! Insha Allah”.
Whoa! Seems interesting. Let’s have a go to discover the what’s what of the project.

The Best Coke Studio Songs

All about SoundScape

SoundScape is actually an acoustic environment or a virtual environment created using sound. Following the undiscovered, hidden voice treasures of Pakistani youth, Shuja haider has come up with the idea of initiating such live music concert series. In order to shake the retarding interests and fountain the musical development in Pakistan. The project aims at bringing the cultural image to international listeners.
However, the program is set to be aired in November 2017. Interestingly, the project would be reachable multiple cities to welcome as much diversity to live music as possible.
Pakistan’s live music production is un-dubiously at the back row and this step would definitely going to help it coming forward.

Shuja’s Words on SoundScape

According to Shuja Hyder, he wants to make music a medium of communication in terms of thoughts and raise the voice of youth. Furthermore, the artists joining this immense project is still a secret that will be revealed in October along with tickets and venue deets. We have seen such music shows making a mark and we hope this turns out to be something big. As, it is need of the hour. Let us know what do you have to say about it?

Till then fingers crossed!


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