Roger’s done it again! This headline appeared on BBC world news. The words had resonation, strength and presented the restoration of talent.

Round of Applause for Roger’s 8th Wimbledon Win

36-year-old Swiss won it again. Last Sunday playing 11th Wimbledon 2017. Roger Federer defeated Croatia’s Marin Cilic. He is known to be an aggressive player. Roger bagged 8th Wimbledon title and 19th grand slam titles after this victory. Following his long injury-healing break of almost six months. Roger had been responding slowly to previous matches. However, this ground breaking victory gave him a great boost and astonishment.

This Calls For a Party!

Roger’s victory literally dragged him to party till late hours and enjoying at its fullest. Informing media, he expressed his happiness. “Yeah, my head’s ringing. I don’t know what I did last night…we had a great time”. He was joined by his family and friends. All celebrated his mammoth success with unbeatable 6-3, 6-1, 6-4.

Truly Roger Deserved his 20th Title

This triumph has undoubtedly put his position on third after Nadal and Murray. Who are second and first respectively. Roger’s record-setting 8th Wimbledon title has surpassed Pete Sampras and William Renishaw’s with 7 titles.
Adding much to his prosperity, Roger stands as the first oldest man to win this title. He depicted many assertions to put himself back to first. But this wouldn’t be a mere piece of cake. And would need him to defeat Rafa Nadal in the coming round. Surely, that wouldn’t be a smooth sailing.

A Word For Youngsters

Talking to a press team, Roger showed his bewilderment over such success but also became a “truth-to-be-told” guy. Suggesting young generation to do something extraordinary in order to break the old hegemony. He warned them to acquire something massive. Since that would really be massive stuff to defeat Murray and Djokovic.

Inspiration of Roger Federer

On a question about what keeps him so motivational and focused after even hardships. He told a secret to the world. According to him , great former players are always his inspiration. The way they tackled and maintained their levels high give him a push to do more. He took some very prominent names who drive his success’s first step towards passion including Ussain Bolt.

Usually, defeated are forgot. But here Marin Cilic was a real strength. According to an international source, he had blister in his foot that started emitting fluid later on. The agony broke Marin to tears. But the guy played till the last and proved passion defeats pain ! “If you believe, you can go a long way in your life”.
This is what he said recalling his recovery and health issues. He had hard times dealing with them but his believe carried him a long way.


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