Cyber-hacking is on the rise. The principal governments are now considering cyberspace as the fifth domain of warfare like the land, sea, air, space. Large governments have also started to invest immensely in the development of cyber advancements.The military sector has recently made quite an effort in order to create awareness about cyber security. It has made quite a significant point about the threats to the stability of the government. Cyber-hacking is rising day by day.

Difference between cyber-warfare and conventional battles

A cyber battle can be quite different to normal conventional battles. It can be fought in a silent way without much noise. The old ones required a lot of resources and human capital in order to ensure victory. But this is not the case with the cyber battles. Vast knowledge and expertise coupled with a weak defensive cyber security are two key factors.

Apart from this, the advantages of cyber battles compared to the conventional attacks are a bit high. The major point is the fact that these cyber-attacks can be carried out silently. These attacks do not let the opponents know about the danger being caused to them. But this results in the fact that these cyber battles need high levels of attention. Another advantage that most military sectors find quite useful is the efficiency. And most importantly, the low costs of these types of technologies.

Another thing that sets apart the cyber weapons from the conventional weapons is the preparation phase. During the preparation phase, it is not at all difficult to hide the cyber weapon. With the help of intelligence researchers, it might be easy to discover the enemy plans. And find out the secret hideout of the conventional weapon such as a missile, drone or a combat aircraft. But the development of a cyber-weapon is hard to identify. The small states that have fewer resources and funds can find the cyber weapons quite beneficial. This is because the development of the cyber weapons does not require large pools of funds. Even if the state is small, it can still compete with other big countries in this new domain of warfare.

Stuxnet – the first cyber weapon

The first real example of the cyber weapon is the case of the Stuxnet virus. Stuxnet virus is a malicious computer worm that attacks the industrial control systems. This cyber weapon is thought to have been a product of the America and Israel.

The world needs to do something about cyber-hacking. It is a headache for everyone.


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