A popular Muslim Scholar, Nouman Ali Khan, is under fire from the public for his alleged indiscretions involving multiple women. The scandal first came to light when Omer M. Mozzafar, who claims to be a close friend of Khan, posted a letter on “Facebook” containing a litany of accusations against him.

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Among other things, Mozaffar asserted that “his friend of twenty years” had “confessed to inappropriate actions with various women” and that he “had told lies to cover them up”.

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Posted by Omer M. Mozaffar on Thursday, September 21, 2017

On hearing these slanderous allegations, Khan’s supporters immediately rallied behind him, dismissing the letter as an attempt to destroy his reputation. Khan also responded in kind. In a Facebook post on Friday, the Pakistani-American preacher lambasted his accusers.

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He began the post with the following statement:
“I want to first thank those persons who have seen through the falseness of these allegations. Some individuals, unfortunately, have taken it upon themselves to pull matters out of my personal life, take them out of context, manipulate the facts and present a narrative using these distortions to fulfill their own agenda.”

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But unfortunately for Khan, an attorney based in the US leaked fake screenshots online that may have vindicated the suspicions of his opponents. Supposedly, the screenshots were of conversations between the famed Islamic lecturer and various women. Screenshots can be created easily so without any solid proof we can not say that he is lying.

One of them showed him in a “compromising” position as he shared a shirtless picture with a female lecture attendee and told her that he was “madly in love” with her. In another conversation, he implored one of his employees to “deny what you said to that imam guy” and told her that he was “going to be ruined anyway now”.

In one screenshot, he was also shown to be flirting with a female volunteer at an Islamic conference. He admitted that he wanted her to “work out” with him and claimed that she was fond of him. But his advances were brushed aside by the woman, who admonished him for his inappropriate behavior.

So far, the scandal has been met with a mixed reaction from many of Khan’s stalwart followers. Some have chosen to see him in a charitable light, urging his critics not to judge his character on the basis of one unfortunate mistake. Others have labeled him a hypocrite and vowed never to attend any of his lectures again. But many still remain skeptical as they wait for the truth to unfold.

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Rabia Choudhry posted all these screenshots and this is what she has to say now,

“There has been a terrible terrible mistake. Rather mistaken understanding. The screenshots I shared were from the website set up by the women bringing allegations against NAK. I do not have a secret stash of them, and I have nothing to do with the site. The site was crashing so I posted the screenshots of what was there.

Now I realize why I’m getting both incredible vitriol and unearned high fives. I didn’t expose anything, geezus. I just shared what was already online. I’m neither as brave or heinous as anyone thinks”

This turn over by Rabia proves that all these screenshots are fake and certainly, some people are just trying to defame Nouman Ali khan. However, some believe that these screenshots are not fake. Nouman Ali Khan is ready to defend himself and we hope all this is just a drama.

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum to everyone
    I never make comments on FACEBOOK, but this was so disheartening that I felt I needed to. For all of you who are ridiculing and placing blame on Ustath Khan, may Allah (SWT) forgive you. It is not even important if any of this stuff is true or not. If you have learned anything from ANY lectures on backbiting, you would know not to backbite. Only Allah (SWT) knows the truth and only HE will judge. Everyone should continue to focus on all the wondeful things and all the good that Ustath Khan has done for the moslem umma.


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