Pakistan has it’s firm foundations into the fundamental laws of Islam, that is, Tauheed Risalat along with others. And history witnessed huge outburst and opposition whenever Islamic sentiments were hurt.

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However, Islam is followed totally like a code of life and not a imposing power. In this respect, Pakistani constitution has Islamic roots with the belief in one Allah and end of prophethood after Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W).
Not just constitution but every oath-oriented document helds this clause to claim the soul of ideology.

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Currently, problem erupted when an amendment was made into Election bill 2017 passage by shuffling some phrases. People are going crazy over this change and it is their right to ask about it. How an Islamic state can actually shuffle/edit the Islamic laws.

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This is what actually Happened!

Reportedly, Election bill 2017 was amended or revisited in order to pave a clear path for the participation of now disqualified Ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif for future chairmanship of party.

And this was followed by the end of Khatim-e-Nabuwat clause from the bill and shuffle of phrase “SOLEMNLY SWEAR” to mere “DECLARE”. It means now this clause has a whole different meaning. But why they needed it?

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According to some experts, even a minor change in the linking words can turn the meaning or essence of a passage in law matters. And this change is drastic in nature.

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People are Reacting to it!

As history suggests, Pakistani people are found to held more proclivity to such issues and have been quite sensitive. Their responses ranged in degree of intensity but all pointed towards opposition. Moreover, historically people are linking incident with the similar issue that erupted during Zia’s rule. Well, the Government is upto re-read the clause and pass a satisfying judgement onwards.

And it is good that people spoke up and did not hesitate. Atleast we should take care of religious laws as nothing else is turning in our favor.


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