Okay! Finally, after the big controversy, Mahira Khan is back on twitter with something different.

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We are sure that you all know about her bold pictures with Ranbir Kapoor went viral on the internet a few days ago. These pictures caused some real trouble for everybody on the internet.

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Obviously, fans did’nt expect that she would be seen doing something like this. As you all know she was seen smoking with Ranbir Kapoor on the streets of New York and the rest is everywhere.

Katrina was in Pakistan Magar Kab aor Kyun?

But not only smoking but bold dress of her also caused pain for her million of fans and haters too. But its all part of celebrity’s life. One minute up and minute down.

Coming back to the point, Mahira Khan finally tweeted for the first time (long break) after this controversy. She tweeted “Aagayi” and it looks it was for all her fans and haters. She is like “Aagayi muje kch fark nahi padta” (LOL). She tweeted this in reply of a tweet by her fans and she really wanted to hear something from her. So,

And look, this tweet is total savage! But we are not sure what is it about btw. Mahira is surely making a statement here!

In another tweet she shared a teaser of her upcoming movie “Verna. And guys it is directed by the master Shoaib Mansoor. Big expectations.

She is back to normal, but we don’t know if her fans are also back to normal or not. Let’s hope to know about the real story from Mahira herself or Ranbir may be.


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