There are two extremities to the availability of something. Whether it needs to search to get it or it is always around. Similar goes with literature and art in the world where they fall in the former category. How much do we dedicate ourselves to the idea of revolution? Revolution appears something extraordinary and sits on the good books. Unfortunately, it’s always political.


Youth may find centuries old pamphlets of democracy fights, rights, and power but little to nothing belonging to literature. The immature minds can sit hours scrolling Facebook and surfing aimlessly. Can they endure a single chapter of a novel? The reason is the haste and aggressive attitude because of excessive use of the internet. Finally, we are underestimating literary art for its passiveness and insignificance.


MO Yan states, “Absence of literature turns our lives coarsened and brutal”. Governments are spending millions and billions on military equipment, not art though. Governments are spending good amount with pride on education, not literature though. Writers are the financially poorest while war-mongers are the richest. These are not enough online books clubs for free reading and community participation. Few number of libraries are not going to accommodate 60% youth of Pakistan.


Instead of generating scholars, we are seeing militants. Moreover, instead of leaders, brutal bosses are emerging. Ignorance of peace dysfunctions literature, victimization of a child make literature cry. Where does literary art can not influence a common life?


Nevertheless, positivity still prevails. Some of the peace proliferating organizations are working to revive the classical movement worldwide.  One of the groups named Dastan has started a sort of platform working hard towards literature revolution. They have set up social media pages, groups, and website to aspire and help the budding writers. And their efforts are worth recognizing but it is not the case.


Right now, what the world needs direly is a literary movement. Let the ideas be the movements, words are the weapons and books be the treasure. It will create a system where the world would be a state and positivity ruler. Hold on, is it possible on the planet of a black smile, cunning smile, and conspiratory minds?

Let’s start a campaign all around. A campaign for goodness, beauty, hope and that’s for all. Great Nations have some great activities to do and literature is great.



  1. It is commendable for positive thoughts raising before the conscious people of our world & hope for better opportunity to come.
    God bless U dear daughter.

  2. Charismatic article and lay fully upon fact.
    All we need to do is implement if consider considerate.
    Finally Well done.


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