Apple iPhone is going to be a decade old this year. And as a gesture of gratitude and following ultimate response. iPhone 8 is set to release with some totally unique and appealing features.
As always Apple fans wait for yearly updated top-notch cell-phone. But this year marks the production of phone’s premium model.
Let’s have a look at captivating renovations!

Fine Curvy Body

iPhone 8 is said to have a major innovation in its body. With edge-to-edge sparkling display. iPhone 8 looks damn attractive. Its display is 5.8-inch. It’s going to lose its old bottom button. And replaced by side power and volume keys. iPhone 8 having such larger display is adorned with virtual keys. Leaving a greater space for OLED display. Yes! You heard that right. Apple has signed an agreement with Samsung for replacing its old LCD display. For all that, OLED option has rendered more positive features.
In the context of its width, iPhone 8 seems thicker and wider than its previous models. However, the phone is surrounded by a stainless steel.

Camera Goes Vertical

Here is another trend-setting step. iPhone 8 will be having a vertical shaped dual-lens camera. That would be unique of its kind. Yet, the LED flash is lying between the two lenses. iPhone 8 has got LED flash with its front cam also. There isn’t any additional stuff at the back. And rumors are out for wireless charging as a reason.

iPhone 4s Feature Restored

All the Apple range had the Aluminium body except 4s. iPhone 4s got a distinct glass body and this is what being restored through iPhone 8. It has shiny glass body depicting it greatly eye-catching.

Protection Measures

Well. Much is already there to protect this exorbitant piece. It has got a stronger gorilla glass covering. That is much improvised in comparison to its predecessors. Effective water resistance can roughly even goes to throw it into water bucket! But for a moment.
Moreover, iPhone 8 has replaced touch ID security with a face recognition one. And adding to the excitement is its Iris recognition for more safety.

A Few Rumors

The dummy displayed is sans Apple logo at the back. Nevertheless, it could be a rumor or mere mistake. For this, we have to wait till its release.

The Price & Availability of iPhone 8

iPhone 8 will cost a lump sum of whopping $1000. And this surpassed all its previous siblings. However, its availability will be limited after introduction until 2018.

A Change in iPhone 8

According to a trusted newspaper. Apple iPhone is going to introduce a Hijab emoji in the upcoming model. Showing a gesture for respecting diversity. iPhone 8 promises an ideal phone to put hands on. Apple has always proven to be a cell phone giant. And this time it’s aiding more to its fame.
Happy waiting !!!


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