Apple’s flagship product, the iPhone, turns 10 this year. iPhone X is the next big thing. Given the tech giant’s proclivity for big reveals, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that Apple has something special in store for iPhone users this fall. And that prospect has sent scores of tech savvy millennials into a frenzy. For the past few months, rumours regarding a special 10th-anniversary release for the iPhone X has been making the rounds on social media.

Your iPhone may not work while driving!

Their speculation was seemingly vindicated when reports by reputable tech websites such as Mac4ever and Digitimes stated that the iPhone X would indeed be released later this year. But these reports have been inconsistent. While some sources hint at a September 12 launch date for the newest iPhone (which would coincide with the release of the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus), others indicate that it isn’t likely to hit the shelves until much later. Anyhow, here is everything we currently know about Apple’s latest offering.

Processor of the iPhone X

The iPhone X will most likely be powered by the new A11 chip which will be manufactured using a 10 nano metre fabrication process. In addition to being more efficient than the iPhone 7’s A10 “Fusion” processor, the A11 will be able to handle more computationally demanding tasks.


From an aesthetic standpoint, the new display will not disappoint you. Reportedly, the iPhone X will feature an edge-to-edge, plastic OLED screen which will be slightly curved so that it is in harmony with the smartphone’s sleek body. According to some optimistic sources, it will have a diagonal length of 5.8 inches. But, if we were to believe the rumours, only 5.15 inches of the screen will be used to display visuals. The remaining area will be occupied by virtual buttons.

No Home Button

Since the Touch Home button, which debuted last year with the iPhone 7, wasn’t received very well by iPhone users, Apple has decided to do away with the feature. In fact, there will be no home button at all. Apple has been working on a way to incorporate Facial Recognition Technology into the iPhone X so a user can unlock his or her phone by simply looking into the front-facing camera. If they are unsuccessful in implementing this feature, Touch Identification will be used instead.

Wireless Charging

Several sources claim that inductive charging will not be supported on the day of the iPhone X’s launch. It is also believed that an additional accessory will be required to wirelessly charge the handset, and an iOS update may be needed to fully enable the feature. Allegedly, Apple is facing issues with this aspect of the iPhone X’s design. However, it is very likely that we will see this feature implemented some time after the smartphone’s release.

Glass body

The entire device will be housed in a glass body which will be supported by a stainless steel or aluminium frame. This is a departure from the aluminium body used for the previous three models of the iPhone.


Price of the iPhone X

It is speculated that it will be the most expensive iPhone ever released. While Apple hasn’t made any official announcements, several analysts believe that the iPhone X will have a starting price of 1,000 dollars.


Yes, some sources have confirmed that iPhone X is releasing instead of iPhone 8.


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