So, the most controversial Joint Investigation Team (JIT) has submitted its final report on alleged money laundering. People have kept their eyes on this report for 2 months. According to the report, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his children could not justify the known means of their income. The report recommended the filing of a reference against them in National Accountability Bureau NAB. This report has really jolted the Sharif family and made them stunned.

Maryam Nawaz said once that she was not involved in this case but this report has clarified everything. This report has clearly noted that all the respondents had failed to provide the required information confirming “known source of income”. Sharif family failed to justify the money trails of their assets and the means of income.

”Significant gap amongst the known and declared sources of income and the wealth accumulated by the Respondent No 1, 6, 7 and 8 have been observed,”. This is what the investigators wrote in their concluding section of the report.

Respondent 1 refers to Nawaz Sharif, 6 to Maryam Nawaz, 7 to Hussain Nawaz, and 8 to Hassan Nawaz.

Calibri and Maryam Nawaz (JIT)

In this report, the investigators allege Sharif family to have accumulated wealth more than their earnings. The report also states that PM’s daughter Maryam Nawaz signed a falsified document designed to change the truth. Now the social media has found another aspect of this report to discuss.JIT declared that the document submitted by Maryam Nawaz was forged. This is because the Calibri font was not available before January 31, 2007, for public use. Therefore, the documents submitted by her shows that she tried to date back to 2006.

Some bloggers said the Calibri font has been in use since 2004. But the Wikipedia is showing that the font was made in 2004. It says that it was made available for commercial use in 2007. Social media is full of this discussion now a day.

PMNL still wants to challenge this report

The leaders of the PML-N sound unhappy with this report. They are not accepting it as the final report. They found some gaps in this report. Their legal team is working on it and they will challenge this report in Supreme court in the next week.

All the opposition parties are demanding to resign from the PM. Like opposition leader Khursheed Shah has said that the PM should resign for the sake of democracy. And AML’s president Sheikh Rasheed said: ‘For the sake of this country, I ask Nawaz Sharif to step down.’

Now the people are waiting what would be the end of this war.




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