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This is not something new for stars! This kind of controversial things come and go and it is part of their lives. Although they get huge amount of love but at the same time they have to deal with haters and controversies too. Do you remember when a contestant on Living on the Edge claimed that she is girlfriend of Atif Aslam, like seriously? But yes this kind of things exist. You can watch her video here,

Coming back to our topic, Shahif Afridi is certainly not someone you don’t know about. He is one if the most popular cricketer of this era. So controversies related to him are obvious. As he has fans worldwide so it is certain that he gets to deal with non-Pakistani fans too.

In 2015, an Indian actress and model Arshi Khan claimed that she has sex with Boom Boom Shahid Khan Afridi, like is it believable? Not for most of us at least. Arshi Khan is known for her boldness and controversies. And Arshi Khan is one of the contestants of Big Boss 11. After a lot of hard tries, she has finally secured a place on one of the most loved show in India, “Big Boss”.

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It is true that many big stars try to secure their spot on Big Boss but it looks like normal people have no place on Big Boss. And guys, almost nobody believed her that she had sex with our Lala. But she did not stop.

She said, “I have lots of friends and relatives in Dubai and travel to Dubai very often. A lot of Pakistani cricketers are seen visiting, shopping and partying in Dubai and regular visitors to Dubai meet them often. This does not mean I am dating Afridi.”

It is not the end yet, in 2016 she told media that she is 3 months pregnant. And she said that her mum will be very happy if she was pregnant with Shahid Afridi’s baby. “MATLAB KUCH BHI? And then when she faced harsh response, she said, “Did I ever say I was pregnant with Afridi’s baby? Actually to set matters straight, it was a false alarm. A proper test has confirmed now, that I am not pregnant,” she said in an interview. “Even I was shocked and surprised, because I had not made out for a long time, yet I skipped my periods for two months in a row and when I just ran an OTC (over the counter) test, it came out positive. So, I was scared like hell. But a detailed test showed that I just had some hormonal issues.”

And guys, Lala also got to know about this matter, and he obviously did not give this matter much attention (Acha kiya). She has finally made her place on Bigg Boss 11, but she still has feelings for Shahid Afridi. See her latest message for LALA,

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Not only this, but she treats Pakistani fans quite well (Intelligent girl). Her life is full of turnovers and what not. Let’s see how she performs on Bigg Boss 11. Fingers Crossed!

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