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This continues, first Mahira Khan then Nouman Ali Khan and now none other than Imad Wasim. A few days ago, some pictures of Imad Wasim with a girl were leaked on the internet and in no time they went viral.

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The Afhgan girl claims that Imad Wasim was in relationship with her but he ditched her for no particular reason. The girl leaked a few pictures with Imad Wasim at first but did not show her identity in those pictures.

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People did not believe her and thought all the pictures are fake but then she leaked more pictures of her with Imad and this time she decided not to hide her identity.

So here is the Girl from Netherlands who dated #Imad Wasim ❤, Although he released a video yesterday in which he denied any sort of relationship – DekhloYour thoughts ?

Posted by Dekhlo on Thursday, September 28, 2017

After all these pictures, Imad wasim responded to the natter through a video message in which he denied all aegations.
After the video of Imad, people had to believe him as he is loved by millions.

IMAD WASIM Clarification About Recent Issue Of FAKE EDITED PICTURES 👍. @imadwasim9

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But then the Afghan girl leaked a video of her with Imad Wasim and this time nobody could say this is a fake video. Now people are curious to know all about this matter.

This Girl from Netherlands also released a video this morning to proof the Relationship between them. Whom do you think is right here ? – Dekhlo

Posted by Dekhlo on Thursday, September 28, 2017

According to media, Imad Wasim also booked a room for her in the UK. According to the girl, Imad was quite serious about the relationship but he ditched her. Imad Wasim is not replying the girl since more than a month now and this is the reason she had to leak all this information.

Posted by Dekhlo on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The girls says that Imad Wasim promised to marry her but he used her and now he is not responding to her.

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Posted by Dekhlo on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

This is the video leaked by the girl to further proof her relationship. This is the video of a whatsApp chat in which Imad is proving her love by sending kisses.

This Girl from Netherlands also released a video of their WhatsApp chat where you may hear Imad #Kissing her to proof the Relationship between them.Whom do you support now ? – Dekhlo

Posted by Dekhlo on Thursday, September 28, 2017

But the irony is that Imad Wasim has denied all this and we do not know why. These proofs are not fake. Although its his personal matter, but he was having a relationship with this still he lied to his fans. This is the reason fans are going crazy now.

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Lets see whats behind all this!


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