According to reports by several news outlets, dozens of people, mostly young adolescents, have committed suicide while playing the internet game, “Blue Whale”. While some dispute its existence, government officials from many countries have already condemned it and expressed deep concern at the danger it poses to vulnerable individuals. In a statement to the Hungarian News Website, Digi24, the Mayor of Bucharest, Gabriela Firea, described the game as “Very Dangerous”, and emphasized the need to prevent children from playing it. These remarks came in response to the death of an 11-year-old boy in Dambovita County earlier in the week, who is alleged to have hung himself during a session of playing the game.

The “Killer Blue Whale Game”

Apparently, the game consists of 50 tasks which are assigned to participants by anonymous “Administrators”. The players are expected to complete one every day. Many of these tasks are unusual, and some require players to perform actions which are degrading and masochistic, not to mention dangerous. The list of tasks includes waking up at dawn, scaling a construction crane, etching certain phrases on the participant’s forearm, pushing a needle in one of the limbs, listening to music and watching disturbing videos sent by the administrators. The final task, which the game is infamous for, involves jumping off a building. It has come to be known as the “Killer Game” because of its association with so many deaths.

A String of Suicides

The “Blue Whale Challenge “, which is thought to have originated in Russia four years ago, has been brought into the spotlight by a recent string of suicides in India and Latin American countries such as Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela. In India alone, 8 people have committed suicide in the past two months, after allegedly being challenged by the “Administrators” of the game to take their own lives. Subsequently, the putative creator of the game, Phillip Budeikin, has been arrested on charges of taking 16 adolescent girls into killing themselves. He pleaded guilty and was convicted of the offense.

How People Play the Blue Whale Game?

Rumours had been making the rounds on social media that the game was being played through a dedicated application. However, this was later found to be untrue. In fact, the vast majority of the participants converse with the “Administrators” using instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp. In theory, the game can be played via postal mail or landline; participants only need a way to communicate with the “Administrators”. People are also getting invites through random calls and WhatsApp numbers. Please do not open any link on social media and stay away from this deadly game.

This is what Ranveer Singh said to Danyal Zafar in India

Disclaimer: Neither Being Psycho nor the author intend to promote, advertise or otherwise endorse or recommend the internet game, “Blue Whale” (also known as the “Blue Whale Challenge”). Being Psycho strongly discourages visitors from participating in or associating with, or encouraging others to participate in or associate with the aforementioned game, or its “Administrators”. Being Psycho warns visitors of the injurious and, possibly, fatal consequences of participating in the aforementioned game, which include, but are not limited to, serious bodily harm, psychological illness, suicidal ideation, and death.


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