Watching Game of Thrones can kill you!
You read that statement and read it right. Game of thrones is a guilty pleasure that we can not either admit or deny of.

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But at some point every viewer had sat on the couch, with probably something to munch on, regardless of whatever is happening around him or for that matter in the world and had lost himself in the epic fantasy of what has deemed to be the best in the history of television.
We are not going to judge you for that. GOT has insane following that has developed into a sort of cult.

The show makes David Beinoff and W.B.Wiess paired with the creative genius of George. R. R. Martin with an equally exceptional C.G.I team has created the marvel that is equal parts unpredictable, terrifying and leaves us in awe. It has an addictive quality that one can not shrug off.

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Killing is something that is a somewhat of a norm in the show. Every other minute another fan favorite bites the dust, gets his head chopped off, getting poisoned or stabbed at the weddings is every day matter but that is something that the viewer only watches in front of the screen and does not experience it.

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People tend to binge watch this kind of entertainment. This trend has been fueled by the entertainment markets such as Netflix. All the episodes are available at the same time. People tend to binge watch either in the vicinity of their own company of either along with the group of friends. What if they know that the habit is actually killing them would they believe it?

As reported in daily mail there is fact medical and media research based evidence that spending hours and hours in front of the “Devil’s Chatterbox” i-e T.V cause the chronic inflammation due to sitting for long periods of times, dementia, diabetes or Parkinson’s disease.

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The alarming trigger comes at this finding that sitting for only 2 hours to watch an episode intently can cause inflammation. The inflammation is mostly due to very reduced muscle activity while sitting and watching.

There is an increased chance of 54% for the person to die of inflammation if one is a self-proclaimed “couch potato”. Dementia is another hazard it revolves around declining of mental ability, memory loss and Alzheimer.

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According to the television consuming statistics by American Time Use Survey, A.C. Nielsen Co.
49% Americans think that they watch too much television. The average time Americans watching television is 5:11 hours. The racial profile shows the white population spends the most time watching T.V i-e 5 hours and the least consuming habits belong to Asians i-e 3.14 hours. Considering this data, even the least consumers are watching the T.V above the 2 hours. That situation seems like quite out of hands for the preventive solution for binge watching and T.V consumption in general.

The situation seems quite out of hands. They lead to burden on resources, daily functioning, and overall well-being. That much coverage of problem even effects the dynamics of health at national level.

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But consider this: Is watching an epic with that much obsession worth your own health? The episode will not anywhere it can be watched some other time but the diseases tend to be a pain in the head. Don’t let the curiosity get better of you. Watch the T.V shows but not at your own peril.


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