It’s a blast, literally!
Car transport services hype has dragged a great competition. Every other day something new and eye-catching pops-up. Interestingly, every feature manages to get the required audiences. Following day, Uber got the much local attention because of Rishta Auntie feature.

Ride For Rishta

The leading car service careem has updated its application with some shocking add-ons. And here it goes. Careem is arranging a match-maker Aunty ride. Where customers can meet and sort out their preferences with her. Seems creepy! Isn’t it?
Whenever a ride is booked. Aunty comes along and meets the passenger who is seeking for a Rishta. Moreover, Aunty brags about her contacts reaching to actors also. Not only this, she can arrange businessmen and doctors too. She will ask for photograph and number. Whereas, she will give hers. In the context of the operation of Application. Rishta rides are booked separately from 12pm-10pm. Let’s have a look at customer experience also.

Girls on the go

A group of 4 girls out of excitement, booked a trip. According to them, Aunty was scanning girls from head to toe. And asked their wishes. Upon asking, Aunty revealed an opportunity for those seeking rishtas for the second marriage. Well, that’s too far!
The girls seem more like investigative agents. Who asked every possible question. The campaign is for short time period and limited time offer. So if you are the one. Go get the one. However, the overall gist of this campaign seems ambiguous.

P.S. Aunty asks so many questions. Pheww


Careem very responsibly added a footnote. Shunting their authority from any marriage failures and conflicts. And it only serves as a way for contact. Thus, All these activities are getting too desi. And won’t be consistent on managing all this fuss.


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