Show-business is never a smooth sailing for many. However, some gems have their dates wrapped into it.

Katrina was in Pakistan Magar Kab aor Kyun?

One such, very recent, sensation is making news not only in Pakistan but crossing borders as well.

Hamsafar game and protagonist, who stole the hearts of Pakistanis as well as Indians, Fawad Khan has again hit the target by being nominated for 100 MOST HANDSOME FACES IN THE WORLD list.
Yes! You heard that right…

Fawad Khan on Roller Coaster

Embarking on the journey through Music industry, this hypnotic man mesmerized audience via his famous band EP. Stepping into acting field bestowed him a chance to debut through the project of film “khuda k liye”.

However, Hamsafar transformed his Moirai. His talent got outer-edge recognition. Apparently, the reminiscence of the mega punch was floating in minds when another great feat struck the television screens in the shape of “zindagi gulzar hai”.

Fortunately, Fawad’s tour de force paid him back. When he got top-notch projects in Bollywood one after the other. His debut in Bollywood was Disney’s khoobsurat along with sonam kapoor paving way for kapoor and sons and followed by recent karan johar’ s Ae dil hai mushkil.
And yes, don’t forget that classy, Dashing judge of Pepsi battle of bands.

This is what Ranveer Singh said to Danyal Zafar in India!

Fawad Khan nominated for 100 Most Beautiful Faces!

TC Chandler, an independent critics’ list, lately unfolded the names of personalities nominated under its banner on the official Instagram account. And bombastic part is, that the post revealing Fawad’s name received likes of our international favorites, viz, George Clooney, Hrithik Roshan, Enrique Iglesias, luke Evans, charlie Hunnam and some more bunch of’em !

Fawad khan’ s name was along #Pakistan and proved to be a proud Pakistani moment though.
Here you get-up-and-go Fawad!




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