A friend in order to protect her phone, set it on facial recognition password. Lately, the feature was on the go in all smart phones letting crazy users to try their hands on. However, friend was left numb when her mum easily unlocked phone through her face…chuckles! Since they both resemble.

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And yes, it actually happens if you have are using a bad quality phone. (Matlb China ka phone). This is something to worry about actually.

Facebook with Facial Recognition?

Yes, you heard it right actually. We hate logging in Facebook account every time when phones are changed or restored or even when we logout. Those tricky passwords and quietly emails are headache. Well, need not worry now. Good news is that Facebook is up to introduce face recognition feature in its application.

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As informed by Matt Navarra of the Next Web. No SMS crap! No other fuss. Hold the phone, show your face and there you go.

Soon, people will be able to log in to Facebook using facial recognition feature. But it we hope it works for girls too when they take off their makeup.

This is a very useful feature for boys though. But, girls you need to talk to Mark Zuckerberg to introduce a feature that could recognize your face (before and after makeup) otherwise it will be hard. Okay, Sorry.

But but but, what if boys with beard trim their beard off? Would it still recognize them? So boys you also need to think about it and yes, you also need to talk to Mark about this. This can be problematic for both boys and girls.

And Guys!

What if your friend put your photo in front of it? What if someone resembles you or you have got a twin? What if you are at Halloween party? think please think! There are a lot of problems that Facebook will face after this feature.

What do you guys think?


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