Kaptaan, the Urdu version of captain. It Marks the versatile captaincy of Imran Khan in 1992 world cup. And his post-captaincy period. The movie is the biopic on Pakistan’s heart throb, Imran Khan. It sheds light on all the personal and social aspects of this magnanimous personality.
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Imran Khan the Inspiration

Multiple sides of Imran’s life are still shadowed from common people. This feature film promises to bold those aspects of IK. To the makers, he is rather an inspiration.
A man who became the chancellor of Bradford University, creator of Namal University and initiator of the cancer hospital. IK has also been a scandalous personality through out his career.

Hurdles to cross – Release of Kaptaan

The British-Pakistani director Faisal Aman Khan had problems convincing Imran Khan. Who at the first instance refused to permit its making. However, the director managed to bag his consent. Although, this biographical film was set to release in 2012 but faced obstacles. February 2017 was also scheduled to release the movie. But it was also postponed. However, the good news prevails that film is in the last phases of its completion. Rumor has it that it’s going to be released in October 2017.

Cast and Crew of Kaptaan

Director: Faisal Aman Khan
Producer: Asim khan and Farhat Faheem
Abdul Manan as Imran Khan
Saeeda Imtiaz as Jemima khan
Sonya Jehan as Uzma khanum
Mehwish nasir as Benazir Bhutto
Others include:
Naveed Akbar, Usman Alam, Mohi Abro, Ramsha kohati, Saif Ali Jafri, Sana Malik and Sajjah Shah.

Worth a watch

Keeping in view, the emerging film industry of Pakistan. Kaptaan would be a first of its kind in the recent decade. The genre would be a great treat in the politically fiery environment. And is expected to attract a huge audience.


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