Thomas Jefferson says, when injustice becomes law, Resistance becomes duty. The words explicitly explains the plight of Pakistan today. Where strikes, procession, shut downs and dharna politics are deemed as duties if justice is required since law is injustice.

Hundreds of people are posting their Nude yoga photos on insta but why?

Scrolling social media we come across heaps of astonishing stuff but this time what we found would surely make you more saddened than surprised. What is going on in Pakistan is certainly not what our Quaid wanted. Rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer every coming day. This is only because of injustice and corruption.

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Power vs Education

A video of a middle aged man speaking a terrifically fluent English and begging on the streets left everyone’s jaw dropped as to how he knows that much about this foreign language or why is he begging?

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The video is being recorded by someone so curious like us and has asked him plenty of questions about his backgrounds and causes.
On inquiring he is known to be working in a special people’s department in Islamabad and was dropped out of it due to continuous absentees.

2 Years of Jail on having Pornography Material on Phone.

Furthermore, he also informs about his mother’s illness and the money he borrowed due to which, he claims, he is on the streets begging.
That’s quite disturbing! The way talented and learned people are spoiled in Pakistan needs to be stopped. Otherwise, all we will be left with would be politicians. If you know what I mean!

Travel to Dubai in Just 12,000 PKR

This man speaks far more better english than our politicians who claim the privileges and our invaluable votes for nothing but handful of boasts. Illetrate people are rulling the country and such talented ones are begging on the streets.

Why is not he getting any job? He can surely do a lot of jobs out there but what is the reason behind his begging? The only reason is that we do not appreciate capable people. Let’s help all the needy people and make this world a better place.

Watch the video here,



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