We are blessed with such a dynamic country landscape; rivers, deserts, lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, everything seems to be in great abundance. When the summer starts- every Pakistani dreams to travel to the north. From Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to Gilgit-Baltistan to Kashmir; every place has a unique symbol of nature’s beauty. We have summed up some of the Dos and Don’ts for you as we want your trip to be an upper crust one.

The DOs for Traveling to the Northern Areas

Pack The Essentials

You have to keep in mind that you only need essential things with you like warm clothes with extras like gloves; electronics like power bank and chargers. Packing light is better when traveling on foot and it is easy to take care of it.

Be Smart With Cash

You are going to need enough cash; whatever you calculations are about expenses, keep more than that! Put your cash in multiple places, it will help you from spending a lot plus it gets safer.

Try New Places

Eat from the known restaurants but don’t hesitate to try the new ones too because as the tourism is getting the heat in Pakistan year by year; locals up there are bringing new ideas to the food which, intentionally or the other way around, turns out to be a delicious dish. Try the “Abshaar” ones; always a relaxing experience eating anything or drinking tea when waters running through your feet and tipping from above.

Communicate With The Locals

If you think you can’t decide a place to eat or live or maybe hike; ask a local, they are very friendly and they like people coming to their place and adoring the beauty of it. They will help you with any kind of problem.


The Don’ts for Traveling to the Northern Areas of Pakistan

Do NOT Plan To Go In Winters

One might like the snow covered trees, the peaks, the lakes and the roof tops but the probability of land sliding increases drastically and even if you are not struck by a land sliding you will be stuck because of it and it won’t be fun at all.

Say NO To Cars

Well it may sound like an adventure to take your own car but you don’t want to fall off a road, right? Hire a four wheeler jeep with a driver because they are so used to drive in these conditions that they won’t make a mistake, probably.

Never Wander Around At Night

Remember you are living around a forest or even if you are not, you are somewhere which is not dense in population and you don’t know what lurks in the dark; don’t be a wanderer at night especially if you are alone, people love you! If you are caught up somewhere and you need help go to the locals first.

Don’t Be in the Moment

Never try to wear less just to show off how you can manage the cold. Even if you think you are managing the cold you will get sick a day or two later. You don’t want to end up in any regrets after an amazing experience

Never Spend a lot

Use your cash wisely. You never know you would need it in an emergency. Don’t do too much shopping.

Wish you a great trip!

Author : Umair Nasir

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