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It is safe to say that Veena Malik is one of the most controversial Pakistani Celebrities. Over the years, her scandals have engendered more vitriol than any of her contemporaries from the other side of the border. From conservative critics decrying her every move to progressive pundits expressing their concern at her recklessness, seldom has she been spared the limelight. Her nude image gracing the cover of FHM magazine India stands as a rather notable example of her brazenness in the face of public outcry. The letters, “I.S.I.”, spelled out in bold on her upper left arm was enough to convince her paranoid countrymen that she was a spy for RAW.

Even she has to admit that that was the dumbest thing she has ever done. And that’s saying something when we’re talking about Veena Malik… Wait. I am doing it again. “Judging” her. My bad. Anyways, let’s not turn this into another lengthy diatribe against her.

Instead, Let us talk a little about her story.

It was the year 2000 on the set of “Tere Pyaar Mein” when this illustrious figure first blessed the cinema screen with her presence. Hailing from Rawalpindi, Punjab, she made her inroads into the Pakistani film industry as an unsophisticated Pindi girl. Though her debut film was a box office hit, she was hardly anymore well-known afterwards as she only played a supporting role. Her big break, however, would come three years later when she was given the opportunity to host the comedy show, “Hum Sab Umeed Se Hai”.

Luckily for her, it was an overnight success that catapulted her to fame. And her parodies of political figures were lauded by critics, as opposed to the derision that she would receive in later years. Afterwards, she starred in a few more medium and big budget productions, of which most were box office flops.

Of course, some of them were the “B-grade” films for which she is held in disrepute. But that is a story for another day. The next time we see her rustling everyone’s feathers is in 2010 when she appears on the Indian Reality Television show, “Big Boss”. Many were mortified by her “inappropriate” behavior on the show, which they believed misrepresented Pakistani women. Fortunately for them, she did not make it to the finals even though she was one of the six contestants that remained after eight had been eliminated.

But after all this profligacy, Veena has finally decided to atone for her sordid past. Nowadays, she can be seen on her talk show, offering vacuous remarks on some complicated political issue, or working on her latest Qawwali to convince others that she has mended her ways. She also recites Naats on ATV. And not only that, but we saw her taking advice from Maulana Tariq Jameel Sahab too. She also hosted a Ramadan transmission this year.

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However, old habits die hard. From her attempts to talk to a “Jinn” on her TV show to her allegations against her ex-husband, it seems that her cravings for attention remain ever strong! She also announced that she is working on good-will projects now to help humanity. But in between, something odd happens now and then. She certainly is the only Tabdeeli we have in our country.

Let’s hope for some major Tabdeeliz that would favor our country in a real way. Let’s hope all the people who are walking on the wrong path would get light. Let’s HOPE!


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