If a country is progressing rapidly then it is only because of good education. Without education nobody can get success. Its true that education is a way to everything. However, in Pakistan politicians do not think so. Education standard in Pakistan is not up to the mark and the only reason is standard of education in government schools and private schools.

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Children of poor people are studying in government schools because they can not afford private institutes. This is the reason literacy rate is too low in Pakistan. But in other countries, government schools are better than private ones. The government of Pakistan should do something in this regard.

However, Sindh government has finally, after static educational years, announced something worthwhile, and we are here to inform all about it. Sindh Educational minister, Mr. Jam Mental Hussain Dahar revealed something compatible to minds upon his visit to a private institution.
According to him, children of Government employees will now also go to public schools instead private!

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That’s literally amazing. It means now if the children of government officials will go to government schools then hopefully government will improve the standard of education in these schools at least just for the sake of their own children.

Another good step by Sindh government,

Seems like we are putting ourselves out of that colonialism that proved to be beneficial for elitists only. Moreover, Mr. Dahar further stated that the draft bill will soon be presented in the Sindh Assembly for approval. And he is hopeful that it will be approved.

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Bird’s eye view of the education system in Sindh

Almost everybody of us is well-informed of all the short-comings of the academic standards here. The plight of state owned schools is more like a trash rooms all over Pakistan. And such step would definitely be a ray of hope and look forward to ending class discrimination.

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