Seeking tax returns has always been an issue for Pakistan state Government. Apart from common citizens, state ministers are also declared liable for not returning taxes in accordance with their income, profit, finances and businesses.

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Several tactics have been applied time to time but almost all of them have gone failed. And country is on the verge of large tax liabilities. But but but… This time Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has something brand new for us and here it is.

Bad News but Good News

The FBR has contacted country’s all prominent banks and financial organizations in order to increase the drive for filing income tax returns. The program is initiated by FBR’s team named Facilitation and taxpayer’s Education (FATE).

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Moreover, the wing was led by member of FATE, Ms Nausheen Javaid Amjad. Who held a detailed meeting with the President of Bank of Punjab, Mr. Naeemudin khan. And briefed him about the motives of the project.

Initially, the program aims at spreading awareness among the staff and officers of the banks and organizations. After that the project will be applied to common citizens holding bank accounts as well. Praising the efforts of these multinationals and corporations, Ms Nausheen said, they have always been responsible in informing the salaries paid and the profits gained.

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Furthermore, in order to sensitize the staff members regarding the national obligation of tax returns, FATE will be helding workshops and seminars for e-filing of income tax returns.
Well… the step seems a great movement towards a disciplined nation and a prosperous future.


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