The big news! 5G is coming soon real soon in Pakistan. And guys, Pakistan is the first country in world to offer 5G trials.

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You heard it right! Pakistan just left behind America, China, UK and other giants in technology. A few years ago, Pakistan got its 3G and 4G services but still 3G and 4G service is not available in all parts (villages) of the country.

Zong Hints of 5G Tests in Pakistan Soon!

Posted by ProPakistani on Wednesday, July 20, 2016

This is why people think its just a joke but its not. On 26th September, PTA allowed all networks to conduct 5G trails in the country. Federal Cabinet approved the issuance of Policy Directive to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). This decision was taken under Section-8 (1196) of PTA.

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All networks are now free to conduct 5G trails in the country now, but they should remain within the regulatory environment. And guys it is all because of the new Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

Word Fast 5G Internet Services in Pakistan

Posted by on Sunday, August 20, 2017

This decision was taken in a meeting in Prime Minister office on 26th Sept by our Prime Minister. Before official auction of 5G service, networks will conduct free 5G trials across the country real soon.

This is what Ranveer Singh said to Danyal Zafar in India!

For now, all operators are allowed to conduct trials but PTA ordered them not to charge during the period of trials. Everything will be decided after all the trials.

Certainly, we all are really excited to experience the new era of internet. Are you ready to take full advantage of 5G trials? We hope you are!

Thoda 5G ke bare main,

Data rates of tens of megabytes per sec for thousands of users at a time.

1 GigaBytes per second at single time to many workers on the same floor.

Several hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connectivity.

A lot better than 3G and 4G combined

Improved signals and Coverage.

Also, no country in the world has 5G service but unki 4G hi kafi hai (lol). The users in Pakistan do not get the real speed even on 4G but still we hope that 5G will bring a change.

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Zong had already said that it is ready to conduct free 5G trials but other networks are experimenting and preparing for this new innovation.

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Magar, you need to have a 5G supported phone. So, get your hands on any of the latest phones to take full advantage of free 5G trials in your country!


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