We all want to discuss how our day went with someone social no? It just feels too good to share feelings with someone we love or trust. This happens quite often when you are in relationship

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In relationship, you have enough things to talk about and this is the best part of being in relationship. But what are some main things that couples talk about at night? Well, we know a few. But nobody wants anybody to listen what they are talking about on phone but …..

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  1. To try Something New

We all want to try new things but doing something with your partner is something special. How about this?

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2. Blame Games but one of them is Shareef

All couples sometimes blame each other for anything and this happens at nights actually. But then one of them is shareef

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3- The Sad Moment

We do fall asleep while talking on phone at nights, no? This is how discussions ends otherwise its not possible. But the sad part is,

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4- Future Plannings

Only mature couples do this. You surely worry about your future and what about that dream wedding?

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5- Good Son

Well, very few but those guys do exist. They always want to discuss their families no matter what.

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What do you talk about at nights? Let us know in the comment box.


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