We can all agree that Pornhub has often been a cause of, ahem, “distraction” for students rather than motivate them to do something productive. But this recent announcement by the very website that catapulted Mia Khalifa to fame will leave you shocked. Yes it will leave you in shocked. YESSSSS!

Need some extra money for college? You might find the funds from an unlikely source: PornHub!

No, we’re not recommending you turn to porn to pay your way through college. The porn site on Tuesday announced its third annual Pornhub Cares contest, offering a $25,000 scholarship to someone who is “contributing to a better future for the world.”

Eligibility Criteria and Application Link at the end!

Apparently, Pornhub is offering a $25,000 scholarship to students it deems “worthy”. Dont’t believe us? You have to. And no, Not the kind of “worthy” you’re thinking of right now. In fact, students who want to apply for the scholarship will have to submit a 1000-1500 word essay where they will have to convince the website that they can contribute “to a better future for the world.” WOW! Did you ever imagine Pornhub will take this step?

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They also have the option to send a 2-5 minute video in which they can briefly outline how they intend to do this (with their clothes on, of course.) You’d be mistaken for thinking that it is a gimmick. In fact, the scholarship is part of the website’s “Pornhub Cares” initiative.

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Its for the future!

Yes. This thing is legit even though it may be difficult to believe that it isn’t some ploy to gain a little extra publicity. What’s more, the scholarship is open to all students, regardless of where they live or their field of study.

Meanwhile, Pornhub recently launched a new “Interactive” category, featuring “hundreds” of videos that are synchronized to work with wireless sex toys. So “if fellatio is being given during a scene, a sensation will be generated and instantly transmitted to a user’s wireless interactive sex toy, providing them with e-pleasure courtesy of their favorite pornstar, matching up with the action playing out on screen,” Pornhub explained.

Last year, the Pornhub Cares contest was open only to women pursuing STEM-related studies. The award went to University of Michigan Research Assistant Natalie Nevarez, who is a pursuing a PhD in Biopsychology.This year, anyone who wants to make the world a better place — through technology or other means — can apply.

“Here at Pornhub, we firmly believe in the power of today’s students to help shape and improve the world of tomorrow,” Pornhub Vice President Corey Price said in a statement. “Not only are we looking for an outstanding scholar for this year’s scholarship, but someone who is also an active leader within their community, who consistently strives to make others happy, provides for those in need and whose work is contributing to a better future for the world. We are very much looking forward to evaluating this year’s applications, which will surely be the best yet.”

“An esteemed panel of judges will evaluate candidates on specific criteria, including leadership abilities, their ability to make the world a better place as well as creativity and originality in approach,” Pornhub said

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However, the website specified a few criteria for applicants. They must:
1. Be older than 18.
2. Be enrolled in an Accredited University.
3. Have a Grade Point.

4.Average (GPA) of at least 3.2.
5. Provide their Curriculum Vitae (CV) and High School Transcripts when they apply.

Moreover, Pornhub advised applicants to present themselves in a way that displays their leadership skills and their ability to make a positive impact in their communities. The website also stated there would be “points for originality” (Not sure what they mean by that!)

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We encourage all of you to apply for this scholarship as it can benefit in many ways. But what if someones asks about your scholarship? This part is pretty scary though. But you should be concerned with the scholarship instead of people and guys its legit.

Apply for the scholarship Here and (Use proxy to apply as this website is blocked in many countries but students from all over the world can apply)

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