Often anonymously quoted, “There is sunshine… There is grace… In my little country place!
Above words have something so catchy that everybody of us can feel the emotion behind it. Every single person among us dream of a life abroad whether in one form or another.

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The glamour of 24 hours active cities lust the human faculties and many are thought to be lucky enough who live or work there. But…take a deep breath and feel every bit of this write-up since it surely going to take your Patriotism to the next level. Here are the ten things every Pakistani is going to miss abroad.

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1. Food comes First..

Mouth watering Spicy Biryani, desi specialty of Pakistan, would be a distant dream abroad. You are gonna miss those Simple dhabas offering some royal food. That would be impossible in those classy fivestars abroad. Along with Biryani, the gol gappay, rich cholla chat and what not.

2. Exotic Transport view… Beautiful!

The fantastic truck Art with the witty words at their back makes our in-country journeys worth traveling. Anybody abroad is gonna miss “dekh magar pyar se” … Wink*

3. Oh yes, No maids Abroad.

Hiring more than one helper in Pakistan is not an issue but it is a headache in West where the wage laws are so strict that you will prefer working yourselves. Remember that work load and be thankful to your massi!

4. The wedding hullaballoo…

Marriage ceremonies of Pakistan are something so much frivolous. The time everyone is gonna cherish throughout their lives. The wedding functions lasts for more than a month and western culture totally lacks this… Mind it!

5. No Hopeful Spiritual words!

The way we Pakistani give an everlasting hope to our friends and ourselves with those magical utterances of “In shaa Allah”. The “MashaAllah” for reducing evil eye and the mesmerizing voice of Azaan. West lacks this too.

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6. The Careless takeover on roads.

Yes yes yes! No rule breaking on roads abroad because hefty penalties may be applied. So you are definitely gonna miss that rash driving to impress girls.

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7. The Advertising walls of Pakistan

The black calligraphy of Amil babas who offer solution to every problem. Dozen of Dawa khanas having solutions to short heights and depression are not an option in West.

8. Your talent of bargain is none of use abroad.

Pakistani mums have a great talent of reducing a highly expensive stuff to few pennies. Some emotional quotes and threats of leaving the shops gain them their desired things. But that’s not possible in the West.

9. Strong sense of community

Okay. So no one is gonna pay heed to your problems their. People feel more like robots striving to complete their tasks and head back to their abodes. And that’s where you are gonna miss your community badly who are always welcoming , listening and solving your issues like their own.

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10. No one can replace your family!

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Although, this very aspect is beyond explaining here but this is the very first urge everybody feels drastically and goes frantic for some time. Petty fights with siblings, scolds from mum, father’s support and that “Ami k haath ka Khana”.

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Have you been abroad for some time? Share your experience !


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